It was a simpler time.

It was a simpler time when the human body was not considered dirty or disgusting.Seeing your friend or friends naked at any age was no big deal. It seems that when this kind of attitude is embraced it effects every facite of life as well. A penis, testicles, vagina, breasts, or a butt should be no more offensive than say a finger, arm, or toe in an everyday situation. Don't get me wrong sex is great too, and there is a time and place for that, but there is more to being naked than just sex.

I get a lot of comments that say, "hanging out nude is a guy thing", and I can't say that I entirely disagree with that statement. There does seem to be more guys that enjoy just being nude than women, and it seems the jury is still out as to why. That would be a whole study and blog post in itself.

Generally speaking, males and females don't think the same. Men and boys can compartmentalize things where women and girls can't seem to. If a group of men or a group of boys are naked together (as depicted below) it's just that, naked. Nothing more and nothing less. There is no hidden meaning and no secret agenda. 


Growing up I would go skinny dipping with my friends and we had nothing to hide. There was nothing sexual about the time we spent together, it was simply swimming as nature intended.


Can you imagine what the backlash would be for a magazine to publish an article or cover like this today? "It's life peoples get over it."  When did society become so complicated that a person can't just do what comes natural to them? We all have bodies, it's not a big secret or at least it shouldn't be anyway. I think this world would be a better place if we could go back to a simpler time and enjoy life as nature intended more often.


As my friend so elequently put it, "We need to re-establish the innocence of mere nudity." 

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