• Animals.

    Animals are undoubtedly important to humans and humans are important to animals in one form or another as well. After all, humans are technically animals too....Read More
  • Is it worth it?

    We sold our house and are now mortgage free. Henceforth, I have been thinking was it really worth it? Was it worth the heartache, pain, debt, sweat, tears, and stress, just for a box made out of wood?...Read More
  • The Waltons.


    I grew up without a T.V. so when I did watch anything it was on a neighbors T.V. There were two shows I was always happy to catch and as old fashioned as it may be, it was The Waltons, and Grizzly Adams.Anyway, I purchased the DVD's for The Waltons and it really makes me think about life, family, loyalty, and other things about family life. One thing that really stands out....Read More