Nudism / Naturism.


There is a big debate on the difference between Nudism and Naturism, which is material for another post. However, the reaction to either seems to be the same as depicted in this picture. That is what is unfortunate.


Nude, Naked, in your birthday suit, it's all the same and nothing to be ashamed of. (NSFW)

Nude friends

Admittedly, the title was meant to grab your eye, but if you think about it, what is it about being seen nude that makes people squirm? Remember when you were a kid and you would run around in your skivies or less, no shame, no embarrassment, no big deal. When did that change? Or why did that change? Was it something someone said to you? Did someone shame you? Or were you told that you were too old at one time? I have a pretty good idea it was one or all of those or even something else, that made you decide that you couldn’t be nude outside of closed doors any longer. But there is so much more to being nude then just sex.

Spending time nude as the day you were born is not only comfortable, but liberating as well, and going to a clothing optional resort, camp, or event is not as bad as you think. Why? Because nobody cares that you are nude and everybody is in the same boat. It’s no secret we all have something we don’t like about ourselves, but honestly when everybody is nude the flaws you think you have, seem to melt away. Being nude is natural and there seems to be health benefits as well. I know myself I am less stressed and love the feeling of the sun on my skin. It can also be a bonding experience among friends and I don’t mean that in some sort of exhibitionist or sexual sort of way. When friends are comfortable being nude around each other there is a level of trust, while at the same time showing that they have nothing to hide. I will admit growing up I would go skinny dipping with my friend and we would hike nude any chance we got. I miss that comradery and trust that we had.

Working while nude is another thing that I like to do. It’s comfortable relaxing and I seem to be more productive. You don’t have to worry about ruining any clothes and the it’s less laundry totally a win / win situation. I have what they call a dad bod. It’s a mix between working out now and then at the gym, working around the house, and yet still enjoying a pizza once-in-while. In other words, it's what the other 90% of us guys have and should not be ashamed of. Having a six pack and a sculpted body like a god, is in my opinion not realistic and takes far too much time to maintain, when there are other things I would rather do. What each of us has between our legs should be no more offensive than a finger, toe, or ear. It’s not like we all don’t know what is there, why get all upset about it? So, if you haven’t tried it before you should. Being nude seems to clear your mind and allow for important decisions to be made as well. Just get nude sometime and you will see it’s not dirty, disgusting, or perverted as it seems society would have a person believe.



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Didn't see that coming!

My Friend Brad

So… recently I was enjoying some natural time back at our pond. Clothes free, cooling breeze, peace and quiet. The breeze coupled with the lemon grass spray kept the bugs away. It was a mostly cloudy day, which was wonderful because I have rather pale skin tone and can sunburn fairly quickly if I’m not careful. Thus, my chair is usually set up in the shade, and I will make brief forays into direct sunlight.

As I lay there, the cloud cover began to break up. I found myself exposed to strong, bright, direct sunlight. I decided to lay there anyway for a few moments before moving my chair back into the shade of the large oak tree.

Then, my phone rang.

I looked at the screen. “Private Number”. Hmmm. I rarely get those and don’t answer them, so I swiped the little red icon to quiet the phone. As soon as I set it back down, it started ringing again. I looked at the screen and sure enough it showed the same thing- “Private Number”. Again, I swipe the little red icon to stop the ringing. Strange that a private number would call me in the first place and even stranger it would call me back so quickly. I decided to wait and see if it happened again.

It did. No sooner had I swiped the red icon and decided to see what would happen than my phone started ringing again. And again, the display showed “Private Number”. I figured it would be best to answer it and find out what this is all about. I swiped the green icon and said “Hello”.

“Sir, please move your chair into the shade of that adjacent oak tree if you intend to remain nude.”

Alarmed, I started scanning the area, trying to find the trespasser who was obviously somewhere around me.

“Who is this?” I demanded, reaching for my firearm that I keep handy for snakes and hostile critters.

“Sir, there is no need to panic. Nobody is on your property. I’m with the National Security Administration. The sunlight reflecting off of your body is blinding several key satellites, now PLEASE move your chair into the shade if you intend to remain nude!” Then the call disconnected.

I looked up at the sky in wonder, and immediately moved my chair into the shade. I was starting to get too hot anyway.

Reposted with permission from JediNudist.


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