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Hello beautiful people, I am Michael Morin. I am married to a warm, empathic man and live together in New Hampshire as home nudists. Occasionally we try and be social together and visit Vermont's Abbott's Glen or The Ledges. In person, we tend to be quiet and watch the fun happening around us.

Nudist Lifestyle.

Living as a nudist in a colder climate is difficult compared to enjoying it all year long in southern locales like Florida, Texas, California, etc. Up here, when the sun is shining and the wind turns pleasant I am nude. Period. Full stop. It is an amazing feeling to be outside nude in the snow in good weather - even if it is just 60 seconds.


When I'm not enjoying the sun, I'm usually working as a medical technologist. I'm active in the company as a leader for our PRIDE employee business network. We exist to provide support and solidarity surrounding LGBT employee issues.  For the past few years I've been coordinating our organization's involvement with AIDS Walk Boston.

Hobbies and Activities.

At home, completely naked, I'm the cook of the family. I love cheese, peanut butter, salt & vinegar anything, coffee, and cheese. I'm also into reading and self help especially along the lines of personality and personal growth. That said, I am an INFJ personality and 4w5 enneagram (still learning about this, though). A huge portion of my life is dedicated to promoting genital and body autonomy for all genders. I believe that all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, etc., should be free to choose for themselves what happens to their own bodies. One can't do that if the decision was made for them at birth. Lately, I've taken keen interest in the role of medical establishment in pushing gender reassignment surgeries on newborns who are born intersex. Remember, if you wouldn't want it to happen to you as an adult, it shouldn't be done to an infant. Our bodies, our rights. It is all about body positivity and consent.


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