Matt Crawford (Mr. March in the AJ Calendar)

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My name is Matt Crawford, I’m a 38 year old male who lives in the boring state of Iowa. I have 3 wonderful children, I own a house, several cars, and just simply am trying to enjoy life on my own terms.

Nudist Lifestyle.

I’ve been a nudist since I was a boy living at my parents house in Brighton IA & always spent time nude around the house while everybody was sleeping in bed & enjoyed pretending it was “normal” even though my parents never accepted nudism. These days I’m an advocate for the nudist lifestyle which is something most people likely don’t know about me at first glance. I decided to come out publicly in the last several years about me being a nudist by sharing nude images of myself on twitter and since have shared countless photos, articles and more promoting nudism and the lifestyle that it has to offer. Let’s just say I’m not ashamed of my body nor am I ashamed to be seen nude.


I work full time as a systems administrator for a global company, however I won’t state the name here. I’m also a photographer for my own private company known as Snap Geek Photography LLC.

Hobbies & Activities.

I have many hobbies & activities I enjoy which include but are not limited to the following: fourwheeling, shooting guns, building sites, writing on my blog, working on my house, working on cars.


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