This is an emotional photo of two American soldiers comforting each other during the Korean war in the 1950's. Not knowing whether you are going to make it to the next day or not, for weeks, even months on end can break down even the strongest of us. Given what these men went through together it's easy to see how camaraderie can be so strong among them!

East German Soldier.

East German Soldier

     Not many people realize the first country that Germany invaded was its own. Many soldiers were forced to fight for a cause that they did not believe in. In this photo we can see an East German Soldier running across the border and over some barbed wire in order to defect into West Germany.

English Guards.

English Guards

     The English guards are the ones we are always tempted to walk up to and try to make laugh due to the expressionless look on their face, regardless of what happens around them. Here an English guard passes out while Queen Elizabeth II rides past during a parade in 1970. And just like they will not smile or laugh or move if you're near them they will not help a fallen soldier, the rules actually dictate they are not allowed to.

Jesse Owens.

Jesse Owens

     Jesse Owens won the gold in 1936 Olympics in the presence of Adolf Hitler who is overseeing the games. This photo came to be known as "The Salute Heard Around the World" with the defeated Nazi giving the salute in the shadow of the first place African American gold medal winner. You'll definitely never see another photo like this taken in an Olympic game setting.

Children For Sale.

Children For Sale

     Welcome to Rock Bottom... Times were so bad during the Great Depression that here we can see a woman hiding in shame after having to put her kids up for sale. I'm sure we've all done something at one point or another when we were down and desperate for money, but never has the thought crossed our minds to sell a family member, especially children that you gave birth to!

Ruby Bridges.

Ruby Bridges

     This is an extremely iconic photo. The young child in this photo is Ruby Bridges, who was the first African-American to attend a white elementary school in the south. The brave young girl can be seen here being escorted on her first day of school on November 14, 1960.



     Talk about an effective marketing strategy... This advertisement is for a drug called atabrine, an anti-malaria drug. During World War II diseases such as malaria were silent killers while soldiers served overseas, especially in areas like Papua, New Guinea. Nothing like using the remains of a couple deceased individuals to help sell your product.

Napoleon Bonaparte.


     This is a mask molded from the face of Napoleon Bonaparte. They made the molding on his death bed shortly after he died in 1821. While there's still debate surrounding the cause of death of Bonaparte today, there was supposedly an autopsy done which found the cause of death to be stomach cancer.