Bench in Alexandria's Library Egypt.

Water Stain
Water stained wall makes an interesting and creepy face when upside down.

Houses built this way in Norway.


When man is gone nature will flourish.


In 1998, a 15 ton piece of the RMS Titanic's hull was lifted out of the Atlantic ocean.


The remains of the 'Gleno Dam' in Italy. The dam burst in 1923 (only 40 days after it was built).


War orphans being flown from Vietnam to Los Angeles April 12th 1975.


Australian scientists developed micro-sensing technology (essentially little backpacks) that can be placed on bees to track the time they spend from the hive, how far they travel and what they do.


Blood vessels in the human hand.


Bighorn sheep caught in power line. Occasionally animals get hung up on new lines that are raised and tensioned.

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