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My name is Dave McFadyen. I'll be 70 years old in July. I am an avid nudist and hope to have a foreskin when I leave this world as I had when I came in.

Nudist Lifestyle.

I don't believe I have ever not been a nudist even though it was not a part of normal everyday life when I was a kid. Kids up to 6 or 7 years of age were allowed to run loose naked at the beach because it was, well, the beach and swimsuits expensive and kids were innocents at that age after all. Those were my golden years of nudism. 

From teen years forward, opportunities to be clothes free were limited to clandestine skinnydipping in sheltered areas of local creeks and after dark at the beach. I always grabbed those opportunities. They were more golden moments.

Marriage and kids put my own practice on hold for a while although, with a small house and 3 kids and 1 bathroom, made casual nudity in passing a fact of life. My wife and I finally had the opportunity to install an inground pool with a privacy fence. Wow!...our own private nude beach. 

I am now widowed and kids are spread to the four winds so, I retired, sold the house and moved to warmer climents. I now practice social and home nudity wherever the opportunity arises. I belong to a Nudist Park about 30 miles from my residence in Florida and spend a lot of time camping in the RV I have parked there. Since nudist parks are economical overnight stops, I schedule down time on road trips to allow nude breaks along the way. Nudists are the most genuine, sociable folks I know aside from bikers and they help me deal with losing my soulmate by filling the void my wife's death left.

Hobbies and Activities.

For a retired old fart, I keep pretty busy. Unfortunately, my Harley needs to find a new home due to arthritic shoulders that are sucking the joy out of my riding addiction. I enjoy helping out my brother-in-law who hosts me in his Florida condo. Likewise, helping my daughter with her house in Washington (state) is a labor of love.

Other activities include an, maybe too late in the game, effort to restore the foreskin that was amputated at birth. Why I lived a whole life being pissed about it without doing anything is beyond me. My blogging efforts are on-again-off-again but improving. Like any other sober, aging alcoholic, I've learned to live life on life's terms and believe that your opinion of me is none of my business.

Websites or blogs.

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