2021 Average Joe Calendar.

We have two spots open.

We still have July and August open for the 2021 Average Joe Calendar if you are interested. Photos must be submitted here.

A photo submission does not mean you will automatically be included in the calendar. Please read the guidlines carefully below before you submit.

Proceeds will be donated to an Intactivist organization, last year we donated to Intact America. Your image will be used in the promotion of the calendar on this site and on intactvisitgear.com as well.

Here are the guidlines for photos:

Photos should be oriented in "landscape" not "portrait". This means they should be wider than they are tall.
Don't try to look moody or pensive. If at all possible, the image should be well lit, as would be on a sunny day or a very well lit room. Natural light is usually best. Smile, have fun! 

That positive energy will show in the photograph and help create the mood we are looking for; i.e.- we're average guys and we're fine with that! Look around before you take the photograph. What else is in frame? Remember, we're doing this to raise money for charity, not to promote any particular beliefs, especially any that are divisive.

Since genitals can be visible this year, keep in mind that:
If your penis/scrotum are visible, it MUST appear that it is simply incidental visibility. NO poses that appear to purposefully place your genitals on display, or appear to place them as the focus of the image.
NO ERECTIONS. None. Nope. Nada. No semi-erections, chubbies, half-hards, or whatever other euphemism you'd like to use. Your penis must be completely flaccid. This isn't an erotic or porn calendar. It's an innocent nude fund raising calendar. If an average person would think that you're getting an erection, take a different photograph.