2022 Average Joe Calendar

James Coffee

In 2020 a group of us "Average Joes" got together and did a nude calendar to benefit an Intactivist Charity. Well the response was overwhelming, I was Mr. February and even have signed my picture for a few different people.
Anyway, we didn't get enough responses for 2021 and a calendar was not produced. However, we would like to try again for 2022. We are deciding on the charity to donate to and it will be an intactivist charity. This is not about if you agree with intactivist views or not, this is not about brow beating someone into believing the same, nothing like that.
I do however, think that if you don't agree with intactivists that's your right, but you probably don't want to be in the calendar as you will be perceived as one.

We have 5 months open for 2022 and it's first come first serve. Pictures that are not used in the calendar will be deleted.
Photo guidelines, release form and submission for photos is located here if you are interested.

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